About Trend Trading

Trend Trading is the brainchild of Edward Twardus a commodity trader with over 25 years of experience. Raised on a farm Ed understands the basic of commodities. As a mechanical engineer Ed has a strong technical base to analyze, design, develop, and test winning trading systems. With this strong base Ed adds a passion for trading that resulted in a unique and successful approach.

Several times, Ed placed himself very well in the US investing championship, once in first - with 245% gain over 3 months period (1988), once in second - with 805% gain (1987), and once in the third place.

He has worked as a consultant for the Polish government training brokers in Poland after the collapse of the communist system.

Here are some articles on Ed's accomplishments:

US Championship track record
Top investor claims crown with a measly 245% profit
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WIELKA GRA in Polish


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